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Commercial Mold Damage Negatively Affects Pet Stores in Cherry Valley

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Commercial Mold Damage Negatively Affects Pet Stores in Cherry Valley Many pet stores harbor mold that may contribute to the smell that hits you when you walk in. Call SERVPRO to investigate whether this is mold.

SERVPRO Technicians Tackle ANY Type of Mold Damaged Environment

From puppies playing, cats climbing around, and fish tanks everywhere, pet stores often seem like everything is clean and sanitized on a regular, ongoing schedule. However, areas that receive little or no maintenance can quickly become very problematic when left alone.
Mold does not take very long to begin growing when the correct conditions exist in a Cherry Valley pet store, and subsequent commercial mold damage often is a result. Employees are often busy taking care of your live inventory and customer needs, and more than a good wiping-down of surfaces, a deep-cleaning, is rare.
When young animals play in cages, spills happen, and puppies and kittens are not always blessed with good hygiene skills. Mold does not require water – mold requires moisture or extreme humidity, to grow well. Moisture can come from young animals' waste just as easily as it can originate from an overturned water bowl. Aquarium water can also evaporate, and provide moisture for mold's use.
Also, when cleaning liquids are left on surfaces to allow them to work at the grime left behind by young pets, any scratches on the surface can allow moisture to become trapped or even seep through to the underside of platform display areas. Mold might be found growing above in darker corners and where water bowls are frequently placed, but underneath might be full of mold.
When mold is allowed to grow prolifically because it remains unnoticed, the spores that are sent off during different life cycle stages can become released into the air and begin growing elsewhere. These new colonies can damage your bagged inventory, leather items, and food stocks. If mold damage is caught in time, much of your affected inventory can be saved and should not need to be destroyed.
Another concern about mold that people often have is centered on the possible health effects that mold can create. These concerns are also valid when it comes to young animals. Professional remediation by SERVPRO can assist in creating a healthy environment for your employees and the pets they sell. We are IICRC certified in Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT), as well as Odor Control (OCT). Odor control can be a special benefit, as odors are produced not only by mold colonies at times, but kittens and puppies, and aquariums can all produce smelly odors. Eliminating these can make your pet store an even nicer place for your customers to visit.
Mold damage should not exist in any store, including yours. When it becomes a problem, the best remedy is to fight back with professional remediation as soon as possible. Contact us by calling us, SERVPRO of South Worcester, at (508) 757-7885. We are always here to answer your call.

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Cherry Valley Fire & Smoke Damage Services

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cherry Valley Fire & Smoke Damage Services SERVPRO Eliminates Smoke Odors in Cherry Valley Homes

Odor & Smoke Removal and Restoration in Cherry Valley by SERVPRO

Much of the restoration cost after a fire comes from cleaning smoke and soot residues off the structural and personal property. These same residues also result in hundreds of dollars in costs to eliminate the smells left behind as well.

Removing the odors from fire damage in Cherry Valley is a multi-level task. To return a home to its original state, SERVPRO uses Multiple-Phase Odor Control.

The first phase is Chemical Containment. The task for us here is to block odor molecules from vaporizing into the air. Technicians spray a deodorizer directly on smoke residues; forming a barrier that slows down or stops the evaporation process.

Vapor Odor Control is the second phase. Technicians release deodorant vapors to counteract smoke odor particles that are already airborne. We use granular agents that release different odors which are remarkably effective after smoke damage.

Thermal Fogging is the final step. We disperse solvent-based deodorants using thermal foggers. These devices use heat to break down the deodorant to the same particle size as the odors. They bond with the odors, changing their chemical composition, and effectively neutralizing them. This a dry fog that evaporates within several hours, leaving almost no moisture that can stain surfaces. It is ideal for furniture fabrics, drapes and even building material such as drywall.

Not every home requires all three phases to eliminate odors. After each one, our technicians wait and determine if they need to move to the next one or if they only need to repeat a phase.
Eliminating the odors from a fire may seem like a small part of the restoration process. It is not as obvious a problem as a burned-out structural support, but a lingering smoke scent is a continual reminder of the disaster that struck your home.

SERVPRO of South Worcester understands how important it is to put the crisis behind you and is here to help. Call today at (508) 757-7885.

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Protect Your Cherry Valley Home Against Flood Damage Today

5/24/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Protect Your Cherry Valley Home Against Flood Damage Today Save Money for Flood Damage Water Removal in Cherry Valley, Call SERVPRO

Storms and Appliances Can Flood Your Home, Be Ready to Call SERVPRO

Finding a home that fits your family can be tough; when you finally make a purchase and start to settle in, you want to protect your investment properly. It takes some investigation to discover each and every problem that may exist in your home; you might even need some help.
After you spend the time searching for the perfect home in Cherry Valley, flood damage is the last thing you want. However, every home is susceptible to flooding, even those placed nowhere near a natural water source. Your home appliances can easily turn against you, leaving you and your family wondering what comes next.  
To avoid issues related to major appliances found in most modern homes today, you want to have your home inspected by a trusted restoration company that specializes in recovering from flood damage. A company, like SERVPRO, can help you discover hidden problems by performing a full inspection and give you a better chance to avoid situations that commonly occur in your area.  
Many homeowners install dishwashers next to their sink in the kitchen, resulting in a series of connectors, feedlines, drain hoses, and other fittings that require periodic maintenance. Something similar happens when you install a refrigerator that has an ice maker, a washing machine, or even your water heater.  
All of these appliances can lead to significant flooding issues that cause severe damage in your home. Something as small as a 1/8th-inch tear or crack can release hundreds of gallons of water per day. Think about how fast things can get out of hand when the leak continues undiscovered.
At SERVPRO we help customers become ready for whatever might happen on their property. You receive a no-cost assessment that contributes to providing solutions for issues found in your home. We discuss each problem individually, explain available services in detail, and consider every option available to limit losses you may experience.
When you have a pre-existing relationship with SERVPRO and disaster strikes, we already have details about your property which give us the ability to respond quicker, providing you with the support you deserve during an emergency.  We can offer you our ERP, Emergency READY Profile Plan that suggests preventative measures for natural disasters, contact info for your, and us as your storm restoration specialist. All in a moble app.
Make the decision to plan ahead, contact SERVPRO of South Worcester for additional information and get started protecting your family home for whatever comes. (508) 757-7885  Visit the Area:,_Massachusetts

Flood Damage Risks Displacement of Students in Worcester

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Risks Displacement of Students in Worcester Dorm flood damage can quickly affect many residents. Call SERVPRO to quickly remediate so that the students can get back to learning.

SERVPRO can Help Get Things Under Control Whether the Flood Damage is Minor of Major

Many institutes of higher learning in our area offer dormitory living to their students. Plumbing problems, whether or not traceable to the inhabitants of the dorms, threaten living conditions for high numbers of students. Managing and recovering from the effects of clogged toilets or overflowing showers is easier with a professional restoration company like SERVPRO on duty.
Maybe just the result of an accident or mistake, or sometimes a prank with malicious intent, flood damage in a Worcester college or university is a serious problem for officials. Students and their families pay significant amounts of money for dormitory accommodations, and there are few alternatives for other living options if flooding makes rooms uninhabitable. We have the staff and the equipment to restore water damaged common areas and individual rooms quickly, limiting the disruption for the students and protecting the institution.
Flooding from toilets and showers contains contaminants, and the professional technicians we employ at SERVPRO know how to manage gray and black water. We extract the tainted water and dispose of it according to local regulations. Once the water is gone, we sanitize the affected areas with appropriate disinfectants. Drying with air movers and dehumidifiers completes the process and contents of the dorms remained unaffected.
Any contents in rooms or lounges that are porous risk permanent contamination. SERVPRO technicians evaluate beds, furnishings, and floor coverings that were saturated with the flow of water to determine whether they are safe to use or should be discarded. Machine washable and dryable items stay, but immersed articles that cannot be laundered or dry cleaned must go.
Our staff investigates where water migrated after the flood, searching for hidden areas that could be breeding grounds for molds. Walls painted with oil-based enamel clean up and disinfect well, but soaked drywall and insulation indicate even some structural elements need to be removed and replaced because there is no sure way to be certain they can be made safe. Tile or linoleum flooring responds well to sanitization, but carpeting, especially padding, often requires replacement. SERVPRO consults with insurers and the school officials to make the best decisions to restore the dorm without risking the students’ health and well-being.
Consider SERVPRO of South Worcester a teammate when errant plumbing flooding damages student living quarters. Call (508) 757-7885 day or night and welcome our flood damage team within hours.

Avoid Interruption of Smooth Snack Production With an Emergency Ready Profile and Plan

4/27/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Avoid Interruption of Smooth Snack Production With an Emergency Ready Profile and Plan Fire damage at your commercial facility needs to be handled quickly so that your business goes back to production. Call SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO'S ERP can Get our Technicians Out to Your Location Fast and Prevent Extended Downtime for Your Business

Snack manufacturers risk fire disasters every day with deep fryers and ovens dominating their work floors. Knowing that equipment malfunction or operator error is a real possibility at any time impels smart business owners to determine which commercial restoration near them offers pre-problem planning. Selecting SERVPRO makes business sense because of our unique Emergency Ready Program.

Grease fire damage halts production at your Cherry Valley snack production and distribution business. Your plant supplies chips under various trademarks throughout New England as it has for 60 years. Working with our project managers to develop a viable Emergency Ready Profile and Plan makes sure your customers continue to reach for a bag of crunchy delight even if a mishap in the frying areas temporarily slows the snack food lines.

A business that suffers commercial fire damage walks a difficult road back from ruin if no preparation is in place to clarify the steps for responders. SERVPRO urges our community business leaders to consult with our experienced team before a crisis, so we react swiftly with your priorities delineated should a fire occur. A specially trained assessor from our office arrives to scope out your facility, seeking to understand how your business runs and how your physical production areas appear. Locations of equipment, utilities, shut down controls and employee positioning informs our advice to you. We use our years of experience and fires restoration education to suggest the best approach for our team to take if fire threatens within your building.

You use our mobile app to load details into our database. The app asks targeted questions and prompts you to add accurate information as well as share photos and diagrams. Take the time to identify personnel within your organization whom you authorize to contact us and make decisions about fire damage restoration if you are unavailable. Speed is crucial when fire damages your commercial area. You or your approved contact avoid secondary damage to the business if an immediate call alerts SERVPRO to mobilize fire restoration crews to your site. We follow the plan developed with your input combined with our know-how to keep the fire damage contained and production in your plant back online as soon as possible.

Get proactive with the professionals at SERVPRO of South Worcester to avoid stoppage at your snack production and distribution business. Call (508) 757-7885 to find a convenient time to complete an Emergency Ready Profile and Plan.

March Restoration Newsline Winner

4/12/2017 (Permalink)

General March Restoration Newsline Winner Pictured is Roseanne Fratoni of Elaine D'Alonzo Sampson Insurance

Congratulations to Roseanne Fratoni of Elaine D'Alonzo Sampson Insurance for being our winner of the March Restoration Newsline Contest!  Roseanne won a gift certificate to Lakeside Grille in Shrewsbury.

Give Your Equipment The Best Chance After Flood Damage To Your Worcester Photography Shop

4/10/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Give Your Equipment The Best Chance After Flood Damage To Your Worcester Photography Shop Worcester Water Removal to a Camera Shop by SERVPRO Focuses on Keeping the Doors Open

Water Damage to Business Specific Gear Gets Help from SERVPRO

Running a photography shop in a strip mall takes time and investment. As a shop owner, you know the effort and resources needed to run a retail business. That is why something like a ruptured main water line is such a huge worry. Your shop itself suffers water damage along with your digital media, printed photographs, photography equipment and much more. There is also the worry of losing customers and therefore money during the cleanup operation, and replacing photography and printing equipment is not cheap.
It is easy to see why fast action is vital after a burst water pipe causes flood damage to your Worcester photography shop. SERVPRO is on hand to get you open for business again as soon as possible - We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. We understand that drying out a photography shop has some unique challenges.
One of the major concerns for a photography business is damage to equipment such as cameras, printers, and computers. Our IICRC-certified technicians assess the situation quickly and remove equipment as necessary or cover it with plastic. We can work together with specialist electronics contractors to determine the level of damage and the potential for restoration. Everything is kept at the correct temperature to stop it dropping to the dew point which is where condensation forms and further damage can occur.
As well as electronic equipment there is the issue of media containers such as DVDs or videos. These need special restoration. To give them the best chance of surviving until that can be undertaken, it is vital to lower humidity as quickly as possible. Our professional teams calculate the number of dehumidifiers needed and the best placement. Creating a smaller chamber speeds up the drying process. Our technicians use polyethylene to set up partitions and seal off doors and windows, thus creating drying chambers for your media and equipment.
SERVPRO teams are also trained to prevent further harm to flood damaged books and documents. Although the damage cannot be reversed, swift transferal to a freezer facility can prevent damage from getting worse. This buys us time to decide on the best drying methods and discuss the options with you. We keep a log of every item removed and stored, so nothing gets lots. This process, called lyophilization, can be a complicated but very successful methodology.
Our aim is to salvage as much as can be saved and get your premises and equipment dried thoroughly so you can get back to business as quickly as possible.
If your photography shop suffers flood damage, all is not lost. Contact SERVPRO of South Worcester at (508) 757-7885 for rapid assistance.

When Your Worcester Home Has Fire Damage Without Ever Having A 'Real' Fire

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage When Your Worcester Home Has Fire Damage Without Ever Having A 'Real' Fire It is possible that your home might have actual fire damage even if it has never had a house fire.

Fire Damage To Your Worcester Property

It is possible that your home might have actual fire damage even if it has never had a house fire. One of these situations is if your home has a fireplace that is often used during the colder months. Another occurrence of fire damage can be a result of malfunctioning furnaces.

Worcester area homes can develop both kinds of fire damage, instead of only one or the other type, if both fireplace and furnace are used to keep a home adequately heated during the bitterly cold winters. Faulty furnaces are much more dangerous than fireplaces are, in general.

Small explosions may not seem to be important in an appliance that is used for heating, but those explosions get larger over time, not smaller. After a furnace begins doing this, which is called 'puffback,' replacement of the furnace with a new one is typically the only sufficient remedy. Residues from puffback are not confined to an area near the furnace but can be expelled wherever there is a heat vent, also. These areas on walls and ceilings, and sometimes floors, can discolor painted and papered surfaces. Paneling can also be cleaned of oily deposits.

When fireplaces are used, different residues, including soot and even creosote, accumulate around the exterior. Stone and brick can hold a significant amount of these substances within their rough surfaces, and a build-up of these carcinogenic substances can be highly flammable. On top of being unsightly to the eye, blackened fireplace facings can be dangerous to your health and your home. Fireplaces regain their new look after being cleaned on their exterior facing and their interiors, as well. Their structural components of stone or brick allow for this. Even though they may look dirtier than any other area in your home, cleaning can completely restore their appearance.

We at SERVPRO can clean both of these types of fire damage from your home. The same techniques we use to clean and detail personal belongings, furniture, and other housewares are also relevant for fireplaces and the areas around them. When you have fire damage that makes your home look less appealing than what it should, call us, SERVPRO of South Worcester, at (508) 757-7885. We are always ready to answer your call and help you restore any area of your home.

Drying Furniture After Water Damage To Your Cherry Valley Home

3/14/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Drying Furniture After Water Damage To Your Cherry Valley Home Rely on SERVPRO to Dry Out and Save Your Cherry Valley Home's Furnishings

SERVPRO Offers Cherry Valley Homeowners Restoration for Their Furniture

Water damage is a serious situation for homeowners. It does not take long for water to cause significant damage to your home and belongings. During the cleanup, you need to decide what cannot be saved, and what to try and dry out. One of the biggest challenges facing homeowners after water damage is drying furniture.
Leaking pipes, broken appliances, basement seepage and yard runoff can all cause water damage in your Cherry Valley home. When that happens, the first step is to find the source of the water and stop further leaks. After that, however, you are left with the task of getting your house and belongings dry. In the case of soft furnishings, this can be a challenge.
The Effect Of Water Damage On Soft Furnishings
Soft furnishings are often made of wood and upholstery with soft fillings. That makes them particularly susceptible to water damage. Wood can swell and warp, and joints can crack or weaken. Areas such as couch cushions might suffer from water spotting or color bleeding. There is also a risk of mold growth moisture remains on these items.
How SERVPRO Can Help Restore Your Furniture
Our IICRC certified technicians are trained in all aspects of water damage assessment, control, and treatment. When you call us, we take stock of the situation and give you honest advice on whether your soft furnishings can be salvaged. If they can, we will treat them using our tried and tested techniques. Our aim is to restore your furniture so that you will never know it was water damaged. "Like it never even happened."
Treating your furniture starts with wetting it if needed, to ensure the moisture content is even throughout. This aids with even drying and gets a much better result. We use water extractors and hand wands to get as much moisture out of your furniture as we can. Our teams are also trained to treat any furniture stains for a "like new" finish. We ensure every zipper and button is thoroughly dry, to avoid rust, and use waxed paper and furniture pads to prevent rust transfer between metal parts and the rest of the furniture.

Finally, our IICRC certified technicians calculate the best placement of air movers and dehumidifiers around your furniture to complete drying as quickly and efficiently as possible. Of course, any structural drying to your home will also dictate the placement of these devices.
If your soft furnishings have suffered from water damage, give SERVPRO of South Worcester a call at (508) 757-7885. Our teams will respond quickly and do everything we can to dry and restore your furniture.

Disaster Assistance Available To Battle Flood Damage In Your Cherry Valley Home

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Disaster Assistance Available To Battle Flood Damage In Your Cherry Valley Home Prepare for flooding by calling SERVPRO to assess your property.

Preparation is Key to Surviving Flooding and Subsequent Flood Damage

When you live in an area historically plagued by flooding, discovering ways to protect your home and family becomes vital. We can help you prepare your home against flooding, beginning with the information you find below.
Start by understanding that flooding can occur anywhere, even your Cherry Valley home is susceptible to flood damage. Creating a preparedness plan to get your family to safety and taking the proper precautions to prevent damages to your home is smart.
Helping by giving advice and preparing homeowners for battle against flood damage causing devastation in their homes is what SERVPRO does. We begin protecting your home by providing you with a ready plan app available online or on your mobile device.
This app allows you to share information about your home's location, entry options and any specifics concerning current circumstances, including requesting services to your home during an emergency. It can also help you keep track of all of your items affected by a disaster.
Flood waters can advance quickly, which is why it is so important to plan ahead for these types of events. If your basement or crawl spaces are prone to excessive water, there are services available to help you eliminate these issues before they become a problem.
You can have new drains and sump pumps installed to help with water removal during an emergency. Have professional technicians, like those offered at SERVPRO, perform proper grading in your yard to help keep water away from your building.
We can also offer crawl space encapsulation services to help improve your home's indoor environment and prevent damages to the structure of your building. However, these things need to be thought of before emergency strikes and are just as important as a well-planned evacuation.
Contacting your local SERVPRO office can help give you ideas of how to plan ahead and provide you with the services you deserve to save one of the biggest investments of your life, your home. Just remember that remaining safe during an emergency is of primary importance.
Therefore, practice an escape plan with the members of your family, prepare a survival kit ahead of time that includes clothing, food, and safety items that would be enough to cover a few days at least.
Make sure to give SERVPRO of South Worcester a call for help with surviving your next disaster. (508) 757-7885