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Cleaning Worcester's Commercial Properties!

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Cleaning Worcester's Commercial Properties! Clean Office

Owning a business is a lot of hard work that never seems to end. Most business owners do not have time to worry about every day wear and tear that soils their office. When odor, dirt and grime goes beyond what your janitorial staff can handle, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of South Worcester for prompt service. SERVPRO has the experience, training and equipment to complete the job right the first time. Whether it’s removing an odor problem or deep cleaning flooring or carpets, you can rely on SERVPRO of South Worcester to make your workspace look fresh and presentable. SERVPRO can also provide specialty cleaning services for your commercial property. Our cleaning services include:

  • Air Ducts and HVAC
  • Biohazard and Sewage
  • Carpet and Upholstery
  • Ceilings, Walls, and Hard Wood Floors
  • Drapes and Blinds
  • Odor Removal and Deodorization
  • Vandalism

Call SERVPRO of South Worcester today! (508)757-7885.

Ready to Service your Commercial Facility!

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Ready to Service your Commercial Facility! We offer many services for your commercial facility starting with carpet cleanings to complete rebuild services! Call SERVPRO of South Worcester!

SERVPRO of South Worcester is always ready to respond quickly to your business and help with all your restoration needs. At SERVPRO of South Worcester we understand that your business needs to be open and disruption can cause loss of revenue. Your property’s appearance is important and that every hour spent restoring is an hour of lost productivity. When you need restoration or cleaning services SERVPRO be there to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Our SERVPRO crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques. SERVPRO of South Worcester is independently owned and operated and is available for 24/7 emergency services. Any questions, please contact us at 508-757-7885.

  • Small Office Buildings
  • Large Offices
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel/Motels
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Government/Military

Commercial Water Mitigation Restores Worcester Facilities to Full Capacity

2/11/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Mitigation Restores Worcester Facilities to Full Capacity SERVPRO acts quickly to remove water and restore your facility so normal operations may continue to keep out workers and community happy!

SERVPRO Works to Restore Any Size Disaster

Worcester factories help keep the rest of the state, and much of the nation, running smoothly. Downtime can affect businesses all over, and we know that minimizing non-productive time periods is vital to the economic growth we all enjoy, and need for our community. 

Factories in Worcester that have developed leaks or other problems with water benefit from professional water mitigation services. SERVPRO works with all sizes of organizations,big or small including government entities, in providing disaster relief and preventative maintenance in many different disasters and problematic situations of all sizes. Any size disaster can halt production and become larger without proper mitigation of the situation.

Holding IICRC certificates in Water Damage Restoration (WRT), our employees know exactly what each factory needs to restore everything efficiently. Tracking water throughout your factory helps discover currently unknown locations, ensuring the removal of all water, even before it causes problems. We remove the water in your factory with appropriately sized equipment. Never too large or too small, our equipment efficiently eliminates the water imposing on your business operations. 

Elimination of moisture is crucial for machinery to remain functional. A dry environment also protects any materials and finished products. Heating and then circulating the air, so moisture is directed toward dehumidifiers pulls it out of the air. We implement moisture detectors so we can keep track of and document the process from start to finish. Similar equipment helps us locate the source of the water so we can keep it from continuing to trouble your business operations.

Machinery and electronic equipment is more appropriately cared for by our qualified partners when damaged. Arranging for simultaneous care with these individuals helps complete the entire scope of work required by your factory's situation so you can have everything up and running again sooner and without worry about unexpected and unforeseen problems.

Locally owned and operated, the technicians at SERVPRO of South Worcester know how crucial it is for businesses to work together in our community. Call us when your factory has a setback with water so we can perform water removal services. Our number, (508) 757-7885, is answered 24/7, every day of the year. 

Visit for more information about the city of Worcester

Speedy Flood Damage Restoration Avoids Need to Reschedule Worcester Events

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Speedy Flood Damage Restoration Avoids Need to Reschedule Worcester Events Make sure that all events at your venue are remembered for the beauty of the room and the event celebrated there. Call SERVPRO after any accident.

SERVPRO Technicians are on the Job Quickly after Your Call to Make Sure that Your Business is Able to Meet Any and All Party Expectations

The beautiful and historic venues in our area add an element of elegance to weddings, graduations, and conferences, among other celebrations and ceremonies. Antiquated plumbing fails and floods without regard to schedules, threatening to require cancellation of events long-planned and anticipated. SERVPRO responds to such catastrophes fast, getting your agenda back on track. 
A water main breaks, causing commercial flood damage in the main hall of your Worcester event center just hours before proud friends and families plan to gather for a medical school graduation. Scrambling to hold this significant event in one of the smaller areas of your building requires paring down the graduates’ guest lists. Discard this unacceptable notion and call us to restore the planned setting in time for the awarding of the diplomas. 
The SERVPRO flood damage team springs into action. Our powerful water pump and extraction equipment are truck mounted, so we get to work even if the power is off temporarily. Our project manager assesses while the crew gets to work. We collect and remove the standing water before industrially sized air movers begin the drying process. Our technicians train extensively in advanced drying techniques, including measuring and then monitoring moisture levels throughout the affected areas to guide our efforts. If the air movers do not reduce the wetness fast enough, we bring in high-efficiency dehumidifiers to more rapidly reduce the moisture. 
Water removal from carpeted areas is one of our specialties. If part of the targeted area has wall to wall floor coverings, we dedicate workers to the task of extracting water carefully from the fibers. Using the strong and efficient extraction vacuums is a task our team is certified to do without stretching or tearing the carpeting from its backing. Air movers and dehumidifiers help after in-place water extraction, positioned to dry both above and below the carpet. 
The influx of water is the major issue, but SERVPRO also attends to the cleanup of items displaced, tipped over, or otherwise damaged during the floor. We understand your clients expect a memorable event, but not because the area appears devastated by the flooding. Our focus during every job is restoration to a preloss condition. The vastness of your physical plant does not change our goal. We bring in as many technicians as needed to achieve this objective in the time permitted, ensuring your event proceeds on time. 
Major flooding is a disaster to which SERVPRO of South Worcester confidently responds, even in a large, commercial setting. One call to (508) 757-7885 brings the crews required to return your hall to its previous glory quickly, for the event of your clients' lifetimes. 

Small Businesses Look to SERVPRO for Assistance with Flood Damage

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Small Businesses Look to SERVPRO for Assistance with Flood Damage Don't let flooding affect your business. Call SERVPRO quickly to re-mediate and prevent secondary damage

Hidden Moisture Detection is SERVPRO's Forte

Still recovering portions of your small office building from the torrential rainstorms that struck our area last October? We took a pounding from the weather, but the repairs do not need to be an overly time-consuming endeavor. You just need to find someone who cares. 
There are many quality services available to assist with the restoration of your building suffering from commercial flood damage in Worcester. However, our staff takes the relationships with customers beyond providing excellent services. We live and work in the same community; we may know each other on a personal level, our children may go to the same schools, support the same local sports teams and beyond. 
Calling your local SERVPRO is like calling a neighbor for help. Our staff assesses the situation by asking a series of pertinent questions to determine the proper amount of equipment and personnel necessary for the job. Next, we set an appointment that fits your schedule to have our technicians begin your restoration. 
Once SERVPRO technicians arrive, an onsite manager will walk you through an initial inspection, discuss the options that are available to restore your business and give you an approximate time frame for completion. They will also answer any questions that pop up throughout the restoration process and address any concerns you may have. 
With a plan in place, the repairs on your business begin by extracting any standing water and eliminating moisture hidden in hard to reach areas. SERVPRO's certified technicians receive training in effective drying techniques, cleaning and deodorization methods, as well as the quality performance of quick, efficient repairs to return your property to a quality pre-flood damage condition. 
We look forward to building a solid, stable history with our clients that keeps them coming back to us, should they ever need future repairs to get their businesses back on track after a natural disaster, fire, mold, or vandalism incident strikes. You can count on us to perform the services you need and get things back to normal as fast as possible. 
Contact SERVPRO of South Worcester to receive the quality services your business deserves. (508) 757-7885

Staying Safe When Chemical Agents Are Used For Commercial Water Removal In worcester

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Staying Safe When Chemical Agents Are Used For Commercial Water Removal In worcester The consequences of water damage can be huge, particularly for small businesses.

The consequences of water damage can be huge, particularly for small businesses. Ultimately, every day that you can’t operate represents lost profits. This is why a fast and efficient restoration service is essential. At SERVPRO, we have a broad range of techniques that we can use to dry, clean, and repair your property quickly. In some instances, this does involve the use of strong chemicals.

They might be cleaning products, chemical agents, or water treatments. If our technicians do plan to introduce any kind of chemical element to the restoration process, you will be fully informed. Do be aware, however, that your employees will not be allowed to access the affected area during this time. Commercial water removal is a complex process, and it requires your full cooperation.

This simple guide to the most commonly used restoration chemicals will give you some information so that you can keep your workers safe.

Antimicrobial Agents 
This describes any chemical that is used to prevent the spread of microorganisms in water or on moist, damp materials. We will use these agents if we believe that black or gray liquid has entered the building, as it can be toxic.

Our disinfectant products are not too dissimilar from the ones that your cleaners may use, but they are substantially stronger. They are able to kill 99% of all the organisms that they encounter, and they leave surfaces close to sterile. We may use formaldehyde, alcohol, or chlorine based products.

The job of a sanitizer is to lower the number of microbes to a level that has been considered safe for ‘public use.’ Usually, sanitizing chemicals are combined with other cleaning agents, because they are not powerful enough to eradicate all organisms on their own. If bacteria remains and only sanitizer is used, there is a chance of it returning and we won’t take it.

Sterilants are very effective because they eradicate fungi spores as well. This prevents the spread of mold in areas that have been affected by water damage. The downside to these chemicals is that they can’t be applied to every surface. Some materials will become damaged if brought into contact with sterilant, so we’re very careful about how we use them.

Cooperation And Collaboration Will Keep You Safe 
We’ll keep you in the loop at all times and explain what is happening throughout the restoration process. In exchange, we expect you to listen to our recommendations and vacate areas containing strong chemicals when advised. This is for your safety. You must inform all employees as to which spaces they can and cannot use during the repairs.

Don’t forget that SERVPRO of South Worcester is a local company. We are based in your area, so you can access our services at any time. We have access to state of the art drying equipment, and we can restore severely damaged items at our special facility. Call us 24/7 at (508) 757-7885

Avoid Interruption in Production with an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) and Plan

6/4/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO'S ERP can Get our Technicians Out to Your Location Fast and Prevent Extended Downtime for Your Business

Snack manufacturers risk fire disasters every day with deep fryers and ovens dominating their work floors. Knowing that equipment malfunction or operator error is a real possibility at any time impels smart business owners to determine which commercial restoration near them offers pre-problem planning. Selecting SERVPRO makes business sense because of our unique Emergency Ready Program.

Grease fire damage halts production at your Cherry Valley snack production and distribution business. Your plant supplies chips under various trademarks throughout New England as it has for 60 years. Working with our project managers to develop a viable Emergency Ready Profile and Plan makes sure your customers continue to reach for a bag of crunchy delight even if a mishap in the frying areas temporarily slows the snack food lines.

A business that suffers commercial fire damage walks a difficult road back from ruin if no preparation is in place to clarify the steps for responders. SERVPRO urges our community business leaders to consult with our experienced team before a crisis, so we react swiftly with your priorities delineated should a fire occur. A specially trained assessor from our office arrives to scope out your facility, seeking to understand how your business runs and how your physical production areas appear. Locations of equipment, utilities, shut down controls and employee positioning informs our advice to you. We use our years of experience and fires restoration education to suggest the best approach for our team to take if fire threatens within your building.

You use our mobile app to load details into our database. The app asks targeted questions and prompts you to add accurate information as well as share photos and diagrams. Take the time to identify personnel within your organization whom you authorize to contact us and make decisions about fire damage restoration if you are unavailable. Speed is crucial when fire damages your commercial area. You or your approved contact avoid secondary damage to the business if an immediate call alerts SERVPRO to mobilize fire restoration crews to your site. We follow the plan developed with your input combined with our know-how to keep the fire damage contained and production in your plant back online as soon as possible.

Get proactive with the professionals at SERVPRO of South Worcester to avoid stoppage at your snack production and distribution business. Call Sean O'Neill at 508-757-7885 to find a convenient time to complete an Emergency Ready Profile and Plan.

Give your Equipment the Best Chance after Flood Damage

6/4/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Give your Equipment the Best Chance after Flood Damage Water damage to a business office.

Water Damage to Business Specific Gear Gets Help from SERVPRO

Document Restoration is a specialty of ours! Running a small business takes time and investment. As a Business, you know the effort and resources needed to run a business. That is why something like a ruptured main water line is such a huge worry. Your company itself suffers water damage along with your digital media, computers and monitors, possible marketing equipment and much more. There is also the worry of losing customers and therefore money during the cleanup operation, and replacing office materials, desks and printing equipment is not cheap. 
It is easy to see why fast action is vital after a burst water pipe causes flood damage to your Worcester. SERVPRO is on hand to get you open for business again as soon as possible - We’re faster to any Size disaster. We understand that drying out a business office challenges. 
One of the major concerns for a business office is damage to equipment such as data entry information, printers, and computers. Our IICRC-certified technicians assess the situation quickly and remove equipment as necessary or cover it with plastic. We can work together with specialist electronics contractors to determine the level of damage and the potential for restoration. Everything is kept at the correct temperature to stop it dropping to the dew point which is where condensation forms and further damage can occur. 
As well as electronic equipment there is the issue of specific items need special restoration. To give them the best chance of surviving until that can be undertaken, it is vital to lower humidity as quickly as possible. Our professional teams calculate the number of dehumidifiers needed and the best placement. Creating a smaller chamber speeds up the drying process. Our technicians use polyethylene to set up partitions and seal off doors and windows, thus creating drying chambers for your media and equipment. 
SERVPRO teams are also trained to prevent further harm to flood damaged books and documents. Although the damage cannot be reversed, swift transferal to a freezer facility can prevent damage from getting worse. This buys us time to decide on the best drying methods and discuss the options with you. We keep a log of every item removed and stored, so nothing gets lots. This process, called lyophilization, can be a complicated but very successful methodology.
Our aim is to salvage as much as can be saved and get your premises and equipment dried thoroughly so you can get back to business as quickly as possible. 
If your photography shop suffers flood damage, all is not lost. Contact SERVPRO of South Worcester at (508) 757-7885 for rapid assistance.

Prepare For Possible Commercial Fire Damage In Worcester Even While On Vacation

11/16/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Prepare For Possible Commercial Fire Damage In Worcester Even While On Vacation When fire affects your business, call SERVPRO to assess and remediate!

Preparation is Key When Dealing with Fire Damage

You have worked hard to create a successful niche for your small business in the Worcester Canal District, but every entrepreneur needs to take a holiday on occasion to keep the creative juices flowing. Your shop has a solid core of trusted employees who can be depended upon to take care of established customers and attract new ones. It is still difficult to think about taking some time away if you are concerned about a fire or other disaster destroying everything you have invested in the business. SERVPRO understands how important your commercial endeavors are and offers a way for you to plan for unexpected fire damage through our Emergency Ready Profile Advantage, ready to engage even if you are away.
The fear of fire damage in Worcester’s vibrant retail areas can paralyze a small business owner, limiting your range and causing you to forego travels and occasions you really need to enjoy. Our mobile preparedness app is a practical and cutting edge way to take control of a situation you hope you will never have to confront whether or not you are near your business when a problem happens. A thorough no cost assessment of your store or shop will be conducted by our trained commercial technicians, permitting us to advise you on how best to plan to respond to a fiery disaster. Between our technician’s observations and the step by step instructions in the app, you will be able to develop a personalized and comprehensive disaster restoration plan that will begin to operate immediately after the fire is reported to us. You are able to identify key personnel who can take action for you until you can be made aware of the problem no matter where you have roamed.
We will follow your instructions to the letter and will have the advantage of knowing how you wished for a range of issues to be managed without the need for your initial approval if you are away. Our well-trained SERVPRO technicians will become instantly familiar with the layout of your commercial enterprise as you have listed all the critical information about mechanical and security systems so they can respond quickly to your small business fire damage needs. You will be in the restoration loop with us completely even if you are halfway around the world when the fire breaks out.
Set your mind at ease and take that well deserved time off when you have protected your small business in partnership with SERVPRO of South Worcester. Download the Emergency Ready Profile app and set up an appointment to have your business proactively assessed by calling (508) 757-7885.

Restoring Worcester Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

6/7/2016 (Permalink)

Flooding and water damage events at Worcester commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of South Worcester

SERVPRO of South Worcester specailizes in cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Plan To Stay In Business

9/15/2014 (Permalink)

As a business owner or manager, you are a leader in your community and have the opportunity to set an example for your employees, customers, and community to follow. 

This year, for National Preparedness Month (NPM), join your community in preparing for emergencies and disasters of all types, and leading efforts to encourage the community as a whole to become more prepared. 

Disasters not only devastate individuals and neighborhoods, but entire communities, including businesses of all sizes. As an employer in your community, having a business continuity plan can help protect your company, its employees, and its infrastructure, and maximizes your chances of recovery after an emergency or  disaster. 

Ready Business asks companies to take three simple steps: 

  • Plan to stay in business
  • Encourage your employees to become Ready
  • Protect your investment

This year, the Ready Campaign and Citizen Corps, with support from members of the National Preparedness Community across the nation, including SERVPRO of South Worcester, are focusing on encouraging individuals, families, and businesses to take active steps toward becoming Ready. We must work together as a team to ensure that our families, businesses, places of worship, and neighborhoods are ReadyReady Business, an extension of the Ready Campaign, helps business owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses prepare their employees, operations and assets in the event of an emergency. At, companies can find vital information on how to get started preparing their organization and addressing their unique needs during an emergency. 

Fire & Water Damage Response 24/7!

2/6/2014 (Permalink)

There is never a good time for storm waters to flood your property or fire to smoke out your home or business.

Disasters seem to strike at the worst possible moment. According to statistics gathered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), residential structure fires peak between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. – right when many offices are closing up for the day. Fires don’t abide by the 9-to-5 work day, that’s why you need a cleanup and restoration company that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No matter what time of night or day, help is just a phone call away. Timely, efficient mitigation is the key to reducing costs and minimizing business interuption. The sooner restoration and cleanup begins, the sooner you and your customers can resume your everyday lives. 

When fire and water take control of your life, contact SERVPRO of South Worcester to help you take it back!