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Water Damage in a Worcester Business

SERVPRO of South Worcester is ready to respond quickly and immediately lean and restore your business. When SERVPRO was called to this commercial facility in Wo... READ MORE

Cleanup of a Commercial Worcester Property

SERVPRO of South Worcester was called to this commercial property after a pipe broke. SERVPRO is always ready to respond immediately and start the restoration p... READ MORE

Mold in a Worcester Basement

A local Worcester resident called SERVPRO South Worcester when they discovered mold affecting a large portion of their basement. Unfortunately, the basement had... READ MORE

When Fire Strikes - SERVPRO Strikes Back!

If a fire strikes your home or business, the first 48 hours can make a difference between restoring or replacing your property and personal belongings. SERVPRO&... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in a Worcester Attic

If you smell a bold musty odor at your residence or business, it may suggest the presence of mold. If you believe you have a mold problem on your property, plea... READ MORE

Flood Water Enters A Worcester Basement

When you arrive home and your basement is flooded rest assure that SERVPRO of South Worcester will be there to help. The owners of this home called SERVPRO and ... READ MORE

Basement Flood Due to Storm

The basement of a Worcester home was heavily damages after a storm. Water seeped into the foundation causing staining and destruction to the basement walls. SER... READ MORE

Water Floods a Basement in Worcester

Pictured are before and after photos of a flooded basement in Worcester. A pipe broke and caused about an inch of water to accumulate in this unfinished basemen... READ MORE

Pipe Burst In Worcester Home

While the homeowners were at work a pipe burst in this Worcester home.   Water leaked from the upstairs bathroom into the kitchen. Water damage was ex... READ MORE

Church Water Damage in Northborough

SERVPRO of South Worcester was called to access water damage at a local church. Water had seeped into the window frames causing mold and deterioration... READ MORE