Recent Before & After Photos

Worcester Mold Infested Kitchen

This abandoned house was neglected, the lack of ventilation and roof leaks led to a massive mold infestation along with water damage. SERVPRO team members remov... READ MORE

Water Damage – Worcester Home

Water damage occurred to this Worcester enclosed porch from a bad leak in the flat roof leading to significant damage to the ceiling and the entire carpeted are... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Worcester Home Office

Fire damage struck this Worcester home as a result of faulty wiring. The fire started and was contained to the attic which had been finished as an office. While... READ MORE

South Worcester Cleaning and Disinfecting a Commercial Backroom

The Before Photo shows the backroom of a commercial enterprise in South Worcester. The proprietor was on notice to clean up and sanitize this working area of a ... READ MORE

Storm Results in a Shrewsbury Home

The Before Photo is a nightmare for a homeowner. Who wants to hear a raging storm tear off a portion of your flat roof and drench your ceiling with rainwater? S... READ MORE

Petersham Cat Enclosure Clean Up

This side porch in a Petersham house was in need of a cleaning. The deck, exacerbated by organic waste, was the perfect medium for mold and algae growth. Not on... READ MORE

Mold Growth on a Ship

Moisture content cannot always be controlled on ships in dry dock with no power. Mold growth can adhere and proliferate on hard surfaces that contain an embedde... READ MORE

A Closet in Grafton Has Mold

This clothes closet in a customer's home in Grafton had that musty smell indicating the presence of mold. This closet was small, lacked any HVAC ventilation and... READ MORE

Restoring a Complicated Water Damaged Bedroom in Grafton

The winter snows, thaws, and rains led to foundation shifting in this Grafton home. The cracks become significant enough to allow groundwater seepage into the p... READ MORE

Sewer Damage in Worcester, MA

This flooded basement in Worcester, MA was the result of a sewer pipe backup. The water was inches deep and included sewer debris such as toilet paper. The cust... READ MORE